What To Buy Series

What To Buy Series

Whenever I’m preparing for a trip, I fall into a routine which I have subconsciously developed over the years. Besides the obvious research on weather (what to pack), attractions (what to do), restaurants & cafes hit list (what to eat), I also commence a movie marathon (i.e. Lost In Translation, Memoirs Of A Geisha, Ramen Girl – Japan) to start embracing local culture and etiquette. Weird, I know.

Another step in my ‘prepare of travel adventure’ routine is some what obsessive. I spend hours scouring the web for product recommendations to narrow down a list of products I want to try from that country. I create a google document to record product details like price, where to purchase and other pertinent information.

Because I believe that other like-minded travellers would appreciate this, I am creating the What To Buy Series (@whattobuyseries). My goal is to ultimately turn this into a useful consolidated list for research junkies like me who are planning their travels, to quickly built up their own shopping list of local products to buy or try. I plan to start with beauty, skincare and food (anyone else love browsing local pharmacies and supermarkets?) but hope to extend it to other interesting products as well. I would love to build a community where locals share their insights and recommendations too.

What To Buy Series – Australia

What To Buy Series – France

What To Buy Series – Japan

What To Buy Series – UK

What To Buy Series – USA

Feel free to share your favourite products from wherever you live!